Our Mission
The Summer Fine Arts Program is the leader of innovative children summer arts education in Tucson for Kindergarten through the 5th grades.   Celebrating its 34th year, our program is dedicated to fostering the creative spirit in children.    It offers opportunities for children to build artistic self-expression and enhance their ability to perform both creatively and academically in many challenging environments.    It focuses  on helping students build bridges between the arts and the other disciplines in order to foster literacy, inquiry, and critical thinking.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to validate the creative impulses and uniqueness of each student.  We hope to provide a bridge between the artistic experience and the development of the whole child and thus increase their academic achievement.  We believe the arts are vital for personal and cultural development for our community and for society as a whole.

Our Teachers
Our teachers are outstanding and have achieved many honors and awards in their fields. Our teachers are dedicated to providing each child with an enriching and educational opportunity to explore and learn about the visual and fine arts in a safe and nurturing environment.  Every teacher engages the children with unusual learning activities to increase a child’s sense of wonder and joy with the world around them.  Our classrooms are very lively, imaginative places encouraging children to THINK about possibilities and creating motivation for learning.    We have many prominent artists come and work directly with the children and their teachers throughout the program to enrich our curriculum

Our Curriculum
Our curriculum is focused on new ways of learning with an emphasis on MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES as developed by Harvard professor Howard Gardner.  Dr. Gardner believes the arts can and do play a crucial role in  improving a student’s ability to learn, drawing on a range of intelligences and learning styles, not just linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence which most school curriculums  are based.  Our complete  curriculum is mailed directly to all our families before our program begins.       

Our Students
Over 85% of the students return year after year until they “graduate” from the program in the 5th grade.  Students come from all over the Tucson area and are grouped by ages.  Each age group is limited to approximately 25 students per class.   We bring each child through the “process” at their own individual level.   We have 9 teachers plus 26 assistants and our teacher/student ratio is 1:4.

Our Results
What have we found?  Art works!!!!   Art education improves academic performance. There is a direct connection between exploration, creativity, and academic achievement. 

Although the real impact of the arts as an experience cannot entirely be measured, data indicates that the activities offered at the Summer Fine Arts Program support both the creative and intellectual development for children.  



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